Frequently Asked Questions About GRAC

Q: Who should join GRAC?
A: Do any of these apply to you?

  • I’m thinking of or have started training in agility.
  • I love agility.
  • I’m an agility addict.
  • I want to know what fun (seriously!) it is to help organize and run an event.
  • I’d like to help ensure that agility and obedience trials continue to be offered in the Grand Rapids Area.
  • I have ideas that I want to share on how to improve GRAC events.
  • I’d like to have my dog’s picture on the GRAC website.
  • I like having the opportunity for my dog and I to win trophies and plaques for our accomplishments.
  • I’d enjoy Awards dinners and fun Christmas parties.
  • I have an idea for what else the club can do for its membership or for the sport of agility.
  • All my friends are members.
  • All my dog’s friends are members.
  • I’m already working my buns off at GRAC events and want to be on the inside.
  • I can tow an equipment trailer.
  • I have a hobby or job that might be of help to the club.

If one or more of items above apply to you, you’re a perfect candidate for the Grand Rapids Agility Club!

Q: What are some club benefits?
A: Club perks:

  • You can earn free entries into GRAC agility trials by volunteering for a major job at trials.
  • You get free meals and/or raffle tickets for working at trials.
  • You can borrow books, magazines, or videos from the Club’s agility library.
  • You can attend Club dinners and parties.
  • You can interact with other fun like-minded members.
  • You can help to shape GRAC’s ideas and plans for the future.

Q: I want to become a member, what’s next?
A: Anyone who has attended two GRAC events or meetings is eligible to apply for membership in the Grand Rapids Agility Club. Participating in an event by volunteering is a big plus! If you have any questions about how much of your life you’d be signing away if you signed up, contact us at:

When you’re ready to join, complete and send in the Membership Form to be considered for membership. We would be delighted to hear from you and we look forward to having you join our club!

Q: What kind of events does GRAC host?
A: GRAC hosts events in agility, obedience, rally obedience and tracking.