Forms for GRAC Members

Here are some forms you may use as a GRAC prospective or existing member.

Awards Banquet Forms

The form below is used to determine new titles earned by members  with their dogs at AKC events throughout the year. We will only be highlighting new titles earned during 2022 at our picnic this year.  Please return all forms no later than July 31, 2023 to be included in this year’s awards. Note that the form below is in PDF format. Please contact GRAC if you need this in a different format.

GRAC New Member Form

Wish to join GRAC? Please complete the form below! Feel free to contact GRAC if you have any questions about completing the form.

Trial Entry Forms

If you are competing often and get tired of filling out trial entry premiums for AKC trials, you may wish to use a more efficient way — through an online tool. The tools below save the information about your dog, so it is there and ready for you when the next trial entry.

Here are two tools that our members use, there may be more:

Please remember, these tools DO NOT ENTER YOU IN THE TRIAL. They just complete the entry form for you. You then print it out, sign it, and mail it in.